About me:

Ștefan Sarkadi is currently a Full-Time PhD Candidate in Artificial Intelligence within the Department of Informatics at King's College London (KCL). At KCL he is part of the Distributed AI Research Group and part of the Security and Trusted Autonomous Systems Hubs in the Department of Informatics and the Cyber Security Research Group in the Department of War Studies. Ștefan's main research topic is the modelling of deception. As a Teaching Assistant at KCL he is responsible with tutorials and practicals for AI related modules. Also during his PhD, Ștefan has done research as a Visiting PhD Candidate at the MIT Media Lab in the Scalable Cooperation Group.

Ștefan's background is Cognitive Science (MSc) and Philosophy (BA). He specialises in the following areas of AI: multi-agent systems, agent based modelling, and knowledge representation with a particular focus on dialogue argumentation frameworks. Before starting his PhD, Ștefan worked as a Research Assistant in KCL's Department of Informatics on projects involving Market Analysis and Blockchain.