PhD Supervisors

Peter McBurney (Main Supervisor), Simon Parsons, Martin Chapman, Matthew Moran at KCL, and my advisors as a visiting PhD at the MIT Media Lab: Iyad Rahwan and Alex Rutherford.


Francesca Mosca, KCL

Liz Sonenberg, University of Melbourne

Alison R. Panisson, PUCRS

Rafael H. Bordini, PUCRS

Jose M. Such, KCL

Nishanth Sastry, KCL

Pushkal Agarwal, KCL

Hu (Rachel) Xuehui, KCL

Florin Lobonț, West University of Timisoara

Jamie Barras, KCL

Elizabeth Black, KCL

I am currently open to collaborations and consultation in the area of Artificial Intelligence.